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HeronCaring for someone with a mental illness diagnosis comes with a bewildering amount responsibility. Navigating the resources, communicating with psychiatric treatment teams, and taking care of the daily needs necessary to reducing hospitalizations is time consuming and often frustrating.

What I Do

As a mental health case manager, my job is to provide comprehensive support to those living with a mental illness diagnosis — and provide relief for families and caretakers. I act as an advocate and ally, available 24-hours a day on an as-needed basis to handle crisis situations, resolve day-to-day issues, and help coordinate the services and necessities that help with everyday living.

How I Work

My work with an individual is contingent upon a mutual connection. I will only work with clients who feel that my services and personality are a good fit with their needs. Once that has been established, I will work with the client, his or her family, and treatment team to develop an individualized plan for improving or maintaining the client’s quality of life, daily functioning, and stability.

How I Can Help

Listed below is a breakdown of the services that I can provide. For more information on how I work and what I do, please visit my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or get in touch via phone or email.

  • Available 24-hours a day for mental and social crises.
  • Adept at identifying worsening symptoms so that professional treatment can occur at the earliest sign of problems.
  • Able to work with client to implement the symptom management strategies provided by his or her psychiatric treatment team.
  • On-hand as a trusted confidant for clients to reach out to in times of turmoil.
  • Able to communicate with all professionals involved in client’s mental health and daily living care, including psychiatrists, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, landlords, social workers, physical therapists and others.
  • Available to drive clients to appointments or help arrange transportation.
  • Can take care of errands for client, including grocery store and pharmacy runs.
  • Available to meet with family members and caregivers to explain and discuss treatments advised by the client’s psychiatric team.
  • Able to negotiate with vendors and community contacts to handle the tasks that keep the client’s life running smoothly. This can involve everything from securing passes for public transportation to purchasing equipment for resolving health and mobility issues.
  • Can help locate and coordinate housing.
  • Able to provide support and coordinate services that improve daily living, such as housing, hygiene, sleep, nutrition, and safety.
  • Available to act as a liaison in diffusing and resolving situational issues, disputes, and misunderstandings with family and community members (landlords, neighbors, etc.).
  • Can assist with educational and/or job-related logistics.
  • Available to plan and provide outings and socialization opportunities that build self-confidence and develop social skills.
  • Available 24-hours a day by phone or in person to address concerns, help problem solve day-to-day issues, and provide clarity and emotional support.
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